Ben Affleck’s Secret to Looking and Being Batman

Truthfully so many actors have played Batman and in doing so they have had their own unique mark that they laid on the beloved comic book hero. The latest Batman movie will be rendered by no other than Oscar award winner Ben Affleck and many have been beaming over how he would be able to make the character into his own mold and different from his predecessors.

Changing his body image was one of his priorities to achieve his Batman look and with this in mind Ben asked the assistance of his personal trainer to be able to provide him with a program that will help turn his body into one that is worthy to be recognized as the famous Gotham hero. Ben is not a stranger when it comes to hitting the gym and getting into the most extreme kinds of workout programs as he has had previous movies where he had physical transformations too.

For his role as Batman he made sure to work out 5 times each week and everyday he would have around 5 exercises to perform with 1 day that was meant for cardio. His trainer had him perform exercises that worked out the big muscles of his body like his legs, chest, back and abdominals but he also had time to put in for his shoulders and arms. (see full details at

He was also made to perform his exercises at a range of 4 to 5 sets of 5 to 8 repetitions as he had to perform a low volume but a high resistance program. Affleck had to do multiple movement exercises like squats, deadlifts and benchpresses as well as concentrated single movement exercises like curls, extensions and flexions.

With his high intensity and powerful workout Ben had to work with a great nutritional plan as well to help him with his recovery as well as improve his energy during his workouts. One of the main ingredients that were very important in his diet was high quality protein like fish, chicken, lean beef and eggs.

The protein was not the only substantial nutrient that he had to take as he also had carbohydrate sources that were perfect for better energy and recuperation for his workouts. Fats are also a great addition to his diet to improve the levels of testosterone that is also important for a high intensity workout.

Simply the perfect combination, Ben Affleck yet again was able to utilize a long time proven formula of a high quality workout program with a well thought out diet plan to be able to reach the best physical shape he needs for a movie role.