Celebrities And Their Weight Loss

Besides their TV shows, celebrities are known for their crazy diet and fitness plans. Some of them go to unsustainable extremes to drop pounds while other have figured out how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you may wonder how the Hollywood mothers get so slim quickly after pregnancy. It might not be realistic for real moms to lose weight so fast. You can steal some of their secrets for a dozen hints on losing weight so fast.

Here are some of the best tips we have rounded up from celebrities who know how to lose weight completely:

1. Hit the Gym

They hit the gym for a combination of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and weight training. HIIT is more effective than other types of cardiovascular exercise in reducing body fat. Take a spinning class or try it on the treadmill. Weight lifting helps fire up your body metabolism leading to emerging of muscles. For an extra boost, you should try a cup of coffee before workout to increase the energy level.

2. They have world Class Trainers

Most celebs have their personal trainers who are armed with arsenal of knowledge and know-how to lean out and lose weight rapidly. Many celebs have said that personal training is a fantastic way to learn the proper approach to exercise and learn ways to take control of your eating and activity level for life. These trainers have world class strategies to lose weight.

3. They take ADD meds

Many Hollywood actresses are reportedly using Adderall, the attention-deficit disorder ADD medication. Adderall was first marketed as a diet pill since it helped in decreasing appetite and ramping metabolism. This drug is said to have serious side effects such as increasing the blood pressure and the heart rate. It has also been linked to problems like maniacal behavior. If you are overweight, talk to a doctor before taking this drug.

4. Taking to the sauna

Taking to the sauna is touted to be one of the quick weight loss methods employed by bodybuilders, boxers, and wrestlers. The heat in a sauna causes the body to raise its metabolic rate by around 25 percent. This means that you can burn more calories for a few hours after taking a sauna. You will need to be a regular sauna user to notice any effects. Sauna is highly recommended since you will be at a lower risk of death by cardiovascular disease or stroke.

5. They take natural boosters and suppressants

Most celebrities who are aiming for a rapid weight loss give their body a helping hand by taking supplements that can just do that. They add spice and herbs to their food in place of salt for some needed flavor. Moreover, many celebrities prefer taking apple cider vinegar which is a natural weight loss tool. It also helps in reducing blood sugar levels which reduce craving for unhealthy food.

6. They work hard

Most of the celebrities are willing to work hard to shed their pounds. They do vigorous workouts to strength their core muscles. Some of them work their way up for over 40 minutes sessions which include longer periods of fat-burning cardio like dance aerobics and kickboxing.